Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Encounter in September
Police in september,
undertook an encounter,
raided a residential apartment
in search of terror suspect.
A gun battle followed,
lot of blood flowed,
police lost a brave officer
terrorists lost important cadre.

Society heaved a sigh of relief,
at last we are free of our grief.
Slowly dust started to settle,
questions began to rattle
Some called police hero,
others said murderer.

Commoners like me are confused,
can we mistrust our own police force?
Can they really act like a murderer,
kill innocent people in encounter,
in broad day light, under public glare?

I want to understand and appreciate,
in these times of social turbulence,
we must show more tolerence,
there may be a lot of inconvenience,
these are difficult circumstance.

What about lives lost?
A father of ailing son, two
sons of hapless mom!
These are also human lives,
in these turbulent times,
what if we are wrong?
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