Friday, November 14, 2008

O' Indian

Wake up O’ Indian, Hindu, Muslim or
Christian. Under tension, Indian nation.
Scant resource, large population, illiteracy
and corruption, now joined by terrorism.

Unimaginative leadership have fragmented
society, oppurtunistic politicians fanning bigotry.
Corrupt, greedy and dishonest our present
day icon, how long will you sleep, wake
up O’ Indian.

Blast after blast tear apart, as an expression
of violent wrath. Shattered hope, broken
home, generation lost to hopeless cause. Act
now O’ Indian, tomorrow may be your turn.

Look within O’ Indian, tap into inner vision,
take us all along, towards a brighter dawn,
where might is not always right, money does
not talk, and sun's light fall equally on healthy or disable.
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